Neve Yerushalayim College was founded to offer women, with little or no background in Jewish studies, a high quality Jewish education and an appreciation of the Land of Israel and its history. Its subsequent development has seen the establishment of a variety of academic programs to meet the needs of the contemporary Jewish women.

    The college today consists of ten divisions, each with its own unique educational program. Each of the divisions has its own director and staff. The original and largest division is Neve, which is comprised of three sections.

  • Neve School of General Jewish Studies
    • Mechina - a six week inroductory course of Jewish studies for beginners
    • Intermediate - a multi-level program for students with varying backgrounds in Judaic knowledge
    • Shalhevet - for students with an advanced Judaic studies background
  • Neve Shoshana Teachers and leadership Training Seminary
    • a program for Israeli students and teachers
  • Neve Nerlitz Teachers and Leadership Training Seminary
    • A Jewish studies program for French speaking students
  • Bnos Chava Teachers Seminary
    • for graduates of Bais Yaakov high schools who possess an in-depth background in Jewish studies and who wish to attain a teaching diploma
  • Michlelet Esther
    • a multi-track Jewish studies program for recent graduates of high shcool
  • Zaidner Institute / Maalot Yerushalayim
    • a combined program of advanced Judaic studies and college level courses which can be applied towards a bachelor's degree
  • Moreshet 
    • a program offering courses that can be applied towards a bachelor's degree and certification for those who wish to train as professional outreach personnel
    Neve Yerushalayim College students are well educated and intellectually curious. The majority are professionals while others are in the midst of their college education. Neve Yerushalayim students are seeking an exposure to Jewish thought which will complement their academic achievements. They are interested in studying the foundations of Jewish knowledge in an environment which recognizes and responds to their intellectual and personal maturity.

    Neve Yerushalayim encourages students to seek their own level of expression within Jewish observance and to enjoy a sense of freedom regarding religious growth. The warm feeling that pervades the school manifests itself in the classrooms, in student-teacher relationships, and in the camaraderie among the students.

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Neve School of General Jewish Studies


      Neve School of General Jewish Studies, the major division of Neve Yershalayim college, is designed for women who wish to increase their Jewish knowledge, improve their learning skills, and enhance their spiritual growth. For those with a limited Jewish studies background, the school provides the basic knowledge to lead a true and meaningful Jewish life. For those who have a more extensive background, the Neve program affords the opportunity to acquire an in-depth knowledge of Jewish texts and sources, and an understanding of the Jewish faith, and the skills necessary for independent Torah study. The school strives to develop young women who will be committed to their people and to the land of Israel, and who wish to make a contribution to Jewish life by passing on the knowledge they acquire to others.

      A distinctive characteristic of the Neve learning experience is the warm, friendly atmosphere which permeates the program. Students feel free to seek the guidance of their teachers not only in academic matters but in all questions relating to their lives. The strong, enduring relationships that form between students, and between faculty and students, often extend well beyond the time spent at Neve. The deep sense of mutual respect between teachers and students encourages freedom of inquiry and religious expression.

      To enrich the students' learning experience in Israel, the curriculum provides tours and visits to Biblical and Historical sites, as well as the opportunity to experience Shabbat and Holiday celebrations in the unique atmosphere of Jerusalem and other parts of Israel.

      The school's tranquil environment, free from outside pressures, is conductive to spritual growth. Students are able to strengthen their level of commitment at their own pace and according to their own ability.

Program Structure
      The Neve program, Directed by Rabbi Moshe Chalkowski, is multi-leveled, ranging from beginners (Mechina) through intermediate to the highly advanced (Shalhevet). The intermediate level includes five groups.

Special Summer and Winter Programs
      A six-week program and an eight-week program is available during the summer months for the Mechina and Levels 1 through 5. In addition, a summer Pre-Shalhevet program and a special Shalhevet program for seminary graduates are offered.

      During the winter, a Shoresh program of about four weeks duration is available for students who come from South Africa.

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      Mechina, the six-week introductory program, is designed for the beginner who has little or no background in Jewish studies. The curriculum provides the modern Jewish woman with the information to make informed and intelligent choices about her Judaism.

      Featuring classes by leading Rabbis and women scholars, Mechina exposes the student to Jewish philosophy, thought, history, laws and customs. From classes on Maimonides to classes on free will, ethics, love and marriage, the student is challenged, stimulated, informed and excited.

      A sprit of open exchange permeates the curriculum. Students are encouraged to question and to challenge. All topics are open for consideration; all questions are welcome. Discussions take place both in class and on an informal basis. Individual tutorials and personal attention are important features of the program as they provide a personal frame work for developing learning skills and attitudes.

      The Mechina program is offered on a continuous basis, all year round. Each day of the program provides a complete study unit so that students are able to join Mechina at any point in the six-week cycle. A conversational Hebrew Ulpan is an opional feature. The program is also offered during the summer to coincide with college vacation schedules. Upon completion of the six-week program, students who wish to continue their Jewish studies have the option of transferring to other Neve programs.

      The Mechina program is under the direction of Rabbi Eliezer Liff.

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Intermediate Program

      The intermediate program is designed for young women who wish to increase their basic Jewish knowledge, improve their learning skills, and enhance their spritual growth. The program enriches the students' knowledge through an in-depth study of Jewish texts and sourdes while providing a meaningful and personal encounter with life in Israel.

      The Intermediate classes, which are offered on six levels, provide students with a wealth of knowledge and resources to enhance their roles as Jewish women in contemporary society. the curriculum includes Bibilcal studies, Jewish philosophy, Jewish law, prayer and Hebrew language. Courses in morals, ethics and psychology are directed to the needs of the students as women and as Jews. The comprehensive, stimulating curriculum is flexible and is geared to meet the personal goals and abilities of the students.

      A key objective of the program is to train students in independent study skills so that they can continue to develop and grow after they leave the school. To facilitate this process, the school day is divided into segments which provide for independent preparation, tutorials, lectures and review sessions. With the guidance of teachers and tutors, the students "learn how to learn".

      The full course of study is of ten-months duration, but with permission, students may be accepted for shorter periods of time.

      The Intermediate program of Neve is directed by Rabbi Yaakov Levi.

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      Shalhevet is a one year advanced course of study designed for women who have acquired a solid background in Jewish studies, either as students in Neve programs or in an equivalent program or institution.

      According to the program director, Rabbi David Kass, "the curriculum has two goals: t refine the student's learning and textual skills and to encourage her to share her knowledge in the future with others who are at the beginning stages of discovering their own Jewish heritage."

      The curriculum is comprised of advanced biblical exegisis in the original Hebrew texts, in-depgh study of the Torah legal system, and a broad survey of the major philosophical and sociological issues in Judaism.       Study methods include the traditional Chavruta (independent study in pairs), seminar sessions, and independent study projects.

      The objectives of the program include academic achievement in terms of acquistion of knowledge and the development of language and analytical skills, as well as the integration of these academic gains with the student's Jewish life as a whole.

      Prerequisities for admission include a serious and mature attitude towards study and advanced skills in the analysis of Hebrew texts.       Graduates of the Shalhevet program occupy important teaching positions both in Israel and in the Diaspora.

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Neve Shoshana

Teachers & Leadership Training Seminary

For Hebrew speaking students

      Neve Shoshana is the Israeli division of Neve Yerushalayim College. There are three streams to Neve Shoshana:

      Stream A: This stream is for women who have completed their army service, and are planning academic studies to reach a high level of intelectual achievement. The students attend classes morning and evening. Mornings are dedicated to directed, independent study. Afternoons are for clubs and volunteer work. The course lasts one year.

      Women in this stream receive a deeper understanding in all of the "trades" of Judaism: Torah, Navi, Hashkafa, Musar, Midot, Halacha, Tifila and Jewish history. The students all reside in the Neve dormitory. Last year, approximately 50 women attended.

      Stream B: This stream is a study program for experienced teachers on sabbatical leave, who are working in either Chinuch Atzmai, Chinuch Mamad, or general teaching. The course lasts one year.

      The emphasis is in the "cutting edge" of teaching techniques, their approach to teaching, and other aspects of education. Women in this stream attend morning classes. Approximately 45 women attended this course last year.

      Stream C: This stream consists of part time studies in the evenings, for adult women who work during the day. Many of these students are Neve graduates, who wish to further explore various Jewish subjects, or former students who, after entering the working world, wish to retain their ties to the sprit and flavor of Neve.


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Bnos Chava Teachers Seminary
      Bnos Chava is a one-year teachers training program for Bais Yaakov high school graduates who enter the school with advanced standing in Torah studies.

      Founded in 1988, Bnos Chava has quickly gained a reputation as one of the leading teachers colleges in Israel. The school is known for its outstanding faculty and for its emphasis upon a strong student/teacher relationship.

      The challenging curriculum of the program places great emphasis upon an in-depth understanding and appreciation of Jewish learning and spritual values. A high standard of excellence is maintained throughout the school year.

      In addition to the reqular courses of Limudei Kodesh, seminars in pedagogy and methodology are conducted by prominent figuers in the field of Jewish education. Students are given the opportunity to observe experienced teachers at work. They also engage in the supervised student teaching in an actual classroom setting. This enables the teachers-in-training to be well prepared for their intended career. Successful graduates receive a diploma and certification qualifyying them to teach in Jewish schools throughout the Diaspora.

      Supplementing the academic studies at Bnos Chava is an extensive program of touring throughout the country. Students also participate in writing and producing a major musical show which is performed for charitable purposes.

      Rabbi Dovid Abramov and Rabbi Nosson Geisler are co-principals of Bnos Chava; Rabbi Yoel Kramer, the noted American Jewish educator, serves as educational consultant.      

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Michlelet Esther

Michlelet Esther, established in 1995, offers recent high school graduates the opportunity for a year of serious Torah study in a warm, caring atmosphere. The school prides itslef in the excellent relationship that exists between students and the teaching staff.

The school accomodates students from varying backgrounds in Jewish studies, from beginners to those who have graduated from a Yeshiva high school. A multi-track academic program enables each student to find her own educational niche and to achieve growth in Jewish knowledge and learning skills.

Although diversity of background marks the student body, the goals of the school provide unity of purpose. Michlelet Esther strives to imbue its students with a love for the Jewish heritage and for the Land of Israel. It emphasizes the need for commitment to the Jewish people and for serving the community in leadership capacties.

The rich curriculum of Michlelet Esther covers Bible study, Jewish law and customs, Jewish philosophy, Jewish ethics, Jewish history, and the Hebrew language. Throughout the school year, students participate in exciting in-depth tours to all parts of the country.

The co-directors of Michlelet Esther are Rabbi Aryeh Winter and Rabbi Boruch Smith, both of whom are Neve educators with extensive experience in Jewish women's education.

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