The Dean

Rabbi Dr. David Refson

      Established in 1970, Neve Yerushalayim College was the first school to introduce serious young women without religious background to an in-depth study of Judaism. The school started with only a handful of students who studied and lived in a modest suite of rented apartments in the Bayit Vegan section of Jerusalem.
      Today, Neve Yerushalayim College, with an enrollment of over 900 students, is the largest and most diversified institution of its kind in the world. It offers fifteen distinctive educational programs geared to meet the needs of students from many different countries with varying backgrounds of knowledge in Judaism, ranging from beginners to highly advanced. Some of its programs are devoted entirely to Jewish studies. Others provide a dual curriculum of Jewish content and secular studies which prepare students for careers that serve the Jewish community.
      Through Neve, thousands of women the world over have grown to appreciate and love their Jewish heritage and have made it an integral part of their lives. Equipped with the knowledge and commitment attained at Neve, they play a significant role in the resurgence of Jewish values on the campus, in the workplace, in the community and, most importantly, in the Jewish home.
      I invite you to draw upon the Neve Yerushalayim College experience by enrolling in one of the programs outlined on these web pages. By doing so, you will gain a deeper appreciation of your role as an essential link in the chain of Jewish existence.
Rabbi Dr. D. Refson

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