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Neve School of General Jewish Studies (SGJS)

Including Mechina and Pre-Shalhevet

Year Program

September 1, 2003-May 23, 2004

The Year Program at the Neve School of General Jewish Studies is a full-time Jewish studies program designed for the inquiring Jewish woman interested in deepening her knowledge of Judaism. Participants come with varying backgrounds of Jewish education, ranging from minimal to highly advanced. All share, however, a desire to enhance the spiritual dimension of their lives. The program is open to Jewish women ages 19 and over. Offered on levels from beginners to advanced, the program meets each studentís needs with flexibility.


The program is designed to accommodate both long-term and short-term enrollment. It is preferred, however, that students plan to stay a full academic year, but if they cannot, a minimum stay of four weeks is required.


Place: The program takes place at Neve Yerushalayimís beautiful campus in Har Nof, Jerusalem. Housing is provided in student residence buildings on campus. (Those over 30 years of age need special permission to reside in dormitories.) Students may also choose to reside off campus. Full meal service is offered in Neveís dining hall.

Tuition and Fees: The costs for the ten-month Neve Academic Year 2003-2004, excluding the summer, are as follows:


Tuition††††††††††††††††††††††† $5,800

Room†††††††††††††††††††††††††† $2,800

Full Board†††††††††††††††††† $2,800


Total††††††††††††††††††††††† $11,400


Shorter stays at Neve are pro-rated. Monthly fees are $1,140 or $285.00 per week. Minimum stay is four weeks, but exceptions may be made for former students. Tuition and fees are payable in U. S. dollars or in the equivalent exchange rate on the date on which payment is made. The above costs do not include airfare.


A needy student who is unable to pay full tuition, should seek scholarship assistance for study in Israel from her synagogue, local Jewish Federation, foundations, sponsors, etc. If she still cannot meet the full educational cost, she may apply to Neve for financial assistance. Depending upon the studentís economic circumstance, Neve will defer part of the tuition until the student is able to repay the obligation she incurred. The student should request this financial assistance when she applies to the school.


Medical Insurance: Students are urged to obtain, if possible, full medical coverage from home for their stay in Israel. Students, moreover, are required to enroll in an Israeli health plan. The health plan that provides coverage for hospitalization only (up to 90 days) in cases of injury or serious illness occurring for the first time in Israel, costs U.S.$50. This plan does not cover visits to doctorsí offices, the cost of medication, or dental work. Another Israeli health plan that covers hospitalization, doctorsí visits, and prescriptions costs approximately U. S. $1.00 a day.


Schedule: A full-time program of classes covering a wide range of Jewish studies is given Sundays through Thursdays. The program includes lectures, small-group discussions, and one-to-one study, as well as these highlights:


v      Special programs and guest lectures on current social, ideological, and political issues in Israel

v      Multi-level Hebrew Ulpan

v      Full and half-day tours throughout Israel to places of religious, historical, and current interest; scenic areas; national parks; etc.

v      Shabbat programs including home hospitality in different communities, group programs on campus, and home hospitality by faculty members


††††††† Study Programs: The study program is offered on nine levels:


         Introductory Mechina Level: Assumes little or no previous Jewish studies. A wide range of classes in all areas of Jewish studies, with emphasis on philosophy and practice.

         Six Intermediate Neve Levels plus an Advanced Level: For students who have had some Jewish studies background. Instruction is given in improving textual learning skills, in addition to the topics mentioned above.

         Shalhevet: For those with advanced Hebrew textual skills, who are able to study text sources independently or with the help of a study partner (chavruta). The program includes lectures, seminar sessions, and independent study projects.


Tutorials: Optional one-to-one tutorials are available to students on all levels in subjects of their choosing in the afternoon and evening hours.


College Credit: Many North American colleges and universities accept for transfer the credits earned at the Neve School of General Jewish Studies. Applicants should check with the registrar of their home college to ascertain the schoolís policy.


Upon request, a transcript for courses successfully completed at the Neve School of General Jewish Studies will be issued by the Neve office in Israel if the student is in good academic and financial standing. The fee for each transcript is U.S. $6.00.


To Apply: Download the application here or request an application from the address below. Complete the form and mail to the admissions office of Neve Yerushalayim in Israel together with two photos and a U.S. $25.00 non-refundableapplication fee. The application form itself may be faxed to the Neve office, in which case the photos and check should be sent by mail.

If the criteria for acceptance is met, the student will be sent a medical questionnaire, (to be completed by a physician), two applicant evaluation forms to be filled out by the studentís rabbi, teacher, etc, and a waiver and release form. These forms are then sent to the Admissions Office together with the studentís high school and college transcripts. Financial arrangements must be completed before formal acceptance to the school is given.


Flight Arrangements: Students planning to attend Neveís programs must make their own flight arrangements. Travel arrangements may be made with any travel agent of the participantís choosing. Please note that flight plans should not be finalized before acceptance to the program is confirmed.






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